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Are you thinking about buying a garbage truck toy for someone special?

Who thought toy trucks were so much fun! We do at GarbageTruckToys.Com! Rolling up the street and keeping our community clean – loads of fun for the kids any time of the year.

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From ages 24 months to 12 years, any child can be intrigued and identify with the large, typically bright, truck that takes away the garbage from the community. Big, colorful and powerful, these trucks peak the interest of children around the globe. That is why garbage truck toys have been a gift giving powerhouse for over 60 years.

Since the 1920’s, children have been receiving truck toys as part of the gift giving Christmas Season and birthdays. Because these toys have been popular for so many years, they can be purchased at online retailers or brick and mortar toy stores near you. However, since there are so many types of toy trucks and brands, the choice can be difficult to make.

Every year, especially during the holiday season, toy manufacturers bring out some of the best new garbage truck toys available. The toys are developed based on age groups and functionality. The older the child is, the more complex the truck.

The most popular garbage truck toy has been the rear loader. The rear loader allows a waste collector to throw waste bags into the truck from the rear. However, the most popular rear loader is one which picks up a large garbage can and mechanically lifts the garbage into the truck – way cool! Your little one is sure to get revved up over some of the great sound effects offered by these great toys.

The typical colors for a toy garbage truck are yellow, green or red. Some of the toy garbage trucks come with sights, sound and action such as flashing lights when the truck is moving forward or reversing.

There are some models for children 3 and up that have remote control features which allow a child to remotely “drive” the truck to paper scraps and load them directly into your recycling bin. The garbage truck toys that work remotely or are motorized in some way generally requires some type of battery for operation. Be sure to check the battery requirements of the toy so that when the child opens the present, play time can commence!

Of course any garbage trucks for kids have to be heavy duty, rough and tough so that your child can have years of fun. There are trucks made of plastic, eco-friendly wood, rubber, ect. Think about the age of your child and what best suits the play environment he/she will be in.

For example, if the child is going to be playing with the toy on hard wood or ceramic/tile floors, soft rubber tires would keep the peace around the house. Wooden tires would sound like a twister coming through the house.

This is someone who really enjoys working on his Toy Garbage Trucks!

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